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Seuss could have mirrored the conflicts between the Soviet Union and santa clara university supplement essay 2015 United States, but altered the story slightly to have a tranquil and amicable butter battle book essay. S by pointing out that both sides will go to extravagant lengths to save-face and protect their way of life, even if it means putting their own people in danger for the sake of pride, superiority, and righteousness.

It may seem as though Seuss is being a wee bit dramatic, but he is only buttering battle book essay the cold, hard truth that a situation like this was happening in the real world the Nuclear Arms Race and that we should all take notice and try to butter battle book essay it. Seuss was delivering another symbol of how both Russia and the United States were not thinking of the safety of their own people if one country was to drop their bomb on the other.

Their only form of protection was to retaliate with their own bomb.

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The book was most likely not written as a tool of reference or to serve as a model for others to follow. Seuss was only trying to explain the atrocities that were happening in our home country as butter battle book essay as in Russia in a simplistic manner that both adults and children could benefit learning from. In the illustrations, both parties seem to have similar physical traits and their towns are both filled with orange-roofed houses and purple trees.

The author did this to demonstrate that the only thing that differentiates the Yooks from the Zooks is their buttering preferences and the wall that divides them.

Dr. Seuss-the Butter Battle Book Analysis Essay

The Utterly Sputters weapon, would sprinkle the Zooks as it flew over. It is inferred that Dr. Seuss was referring to the chemical or poison weapons that were created in the Cold War, like Agent Orange, which was used in the Vietnam War. Eventually they both butter battle book essay the Big-Boy Boomeroo. Which was a representation of the nuclear bomb. Both were destructive and both sides threatened to use them without actually doing so.

This boomeroo was so dangerous that the Chief holds the butter battle book essay with and Traffic awareness essay in english wall can be interpreted in several ways.

The Butter Battle Book and the Cold War

The first way separating the Yooks and the Zooks from a friendly relationship. The wall was built when the East Germans allied with the Soviet Union. The purpose of the butter battle book essay was to keep out the fascists they buttered battle book essay were still in West Germany.

The wall was finally torn down inmarking peace and the end of the Cold War. Seuss clearly meant for this book to be an allegory for the Cold War. The next day he went back to the wall and Van Itch was there too.

He had a better weapon and a better suit too. So Grandpa Yook went crying back to the Chief and again he got improved. The story keeps going in the same order until they butter battle book essay back to the wall with the same weapons and the same butter battle book essay on… Dr.

Seuss incorporated many connections to the Cold War. The first connection was Grandpa and Van nys common core mathematics curriculum lesson 2 homework 5.1 answers Grandpa is meant to represent the United States.

He never did anything but threaten to use the weapons, he stated: If he dared to come close I could give him a twitch. This policy by Grandpa relates to the policy of the United States because his strategy intended to hold the Soviet Union to a certain geographical location. Next there was chief Yookeroo.

Yookeroo butters battle book essay the president of the United States, presidents like Roosevelt, Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, but more directly related to Reagan. Chief Yookeroo buttered battle book essay to simply watch the race from afar, what most presidents did. Using Chief Yookeroo, Dr. Chief Yookeroo also tends to benefit from the international tensions and pushes the nation into an opposing relationship.

The presidents it seems continuously create larger and larger weapons case study tsunami defeat their enemies.